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Palm Beach Craftsman & Co. is a team of artisan carpenters who renovate, restore and reclaim spaces. We specialize in home renovations and office remodels, as well as custom wood furniture. Our team can help bring to life your distinct vision, or help you define and translate it.









Palm Beach Craftsman specializes in home renovations and office remodeling to custom-tailor an exact space for your needs, inclusive of reconfiguring walls and rooms to fit the vision for your home or businesses. We collaborate with expert electricians, plumbers and other renovation specialists to ensure the job is done right – and for a fair price. We take pride in guiding you from project inception thru completion, ensuring an expert finish every time.


As carpenters, our favorite projects are often custom wood pieces, sourced from hand-chosen woods. We take the time to source just the right type of wood, accents, fixtures and parts for all of our custom wood pieces. Our work includes custom tables, outdoor furniture, accent tables, cabinets, display cases, benches, shelving, desks, bookcases, wall units, decorative pieces, river tables and more.

About Us

Palm Beach Craftsman & Co. is a team of artisan carpenters whose love for building and renovating has helped shape homes and offices in Palm Beach County since 2017. Our skillset long predates the company’s founding, with many years of collective experience in construction, carpentry, remodeling and renovation.

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Ready to get started on your next home or office project? Contact us anytime via phone or email and we’ll be happy to discuss your vision and timeline. You can contact Palm Beach Craftsman directly at 561.556.3143, or send us an email at [email protected].